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5 Year Old Shot, Update from Police

All day I’ve been working the story of the 5 year old girl shot this afternoon in East St. Louis.  Police believe the girl was struck by a stray bullet while leaving a convenience store at the corner of 15th and Broadway Tuesday afternoon.  Tonight we’ve learned that the girl is from East St. Louis and remains in critical condition at a hospital in St. Louis.  Police also told me that they have one person in custody and expect to hold him for 48 hours.  That being said, they don’t expect charges in this case until Thursday at the earliest.  Investigators would not release much information about the person, other than to say he is African-American male in his late teens. 

Initially when we arrived on the scene Tuesday afternoon the East St. Louis Chief of Police told us that there were two people in custody.  Lt. Jim Morrisey with the Illinois State Police clarified tonight that only one person was in custody but they are interviewing several others.   We also are now hearing that the main reason police have someone in custody is that they got to the scene so quickly.  Morrisey says that an officer with the East St. Louis Police Department was in the area when the shots were fired and was on the scene in less than a minute.  When the officer arrived he/she saw someone running away from the area.

Police are reviewing surveillance video from the area. 

According to early reports, a man on foot shot and a person in a car got into an argument.  At some point, the person on foot ran to an apartment and got a weapon.  When he returned he began shooting at the car, sadly one of those shots hit the 5 year old.

We’ll keep digging for updates in this story.   


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