Still haven't heard from Mark McGwire -

Still haven't heard from Mark McGwire

What a shock! We still haven't heard anything from Mark McGwire. When he was named the Cardinals' new hitting coach we were told that McGwire would talk with the media and answer quetions about the steroids issue, sooner rather than later. Well, we're still waiting, and I suspect we'll be waiting for a long time.

Is it possible McGwire still doesn't know what to say about this? Criminy, he's had four years to think about it since his dreadful performance before Congress. He could have called the Acme Public Relations Agency by now and been given a script to read from to explain what he took... why he took it... why he didn't tell the truth to Congress... and why he's decided now is the time to return to baseball.

I think he's probably coming back to try to clear his name while he has a chance, with a friend in Tony La Russa to help shield him from media scrutiny. He's probably thinking he has a decent shot at the Hall of Fame if he can get past the steroid controversy. But if that's the case, he certainly owes every baseball fan an explanation of what happened during his pursuit of the homerun record in 1998.The Cardinals continue to say that an explanation is coming. So far, nothing's scheduled. I'm guessing McGwire doesn't talk at all until Spring Training. He'll probably wait for a day when there's just a handful of media present at the training site in Jupiter, and then have a casual conversation with a few reporters he thinks he can trust. After that, he'll be able to say he's already addressed the issue and isn't talking about it anymore. So if you're waiting for some dramatic news conference, and a public confession, possibly even an apology for duping us all it's not likely to happen. In the coming weeks we'll all be concerned about where Matt Holliday ends up and who the Cardinals will get to replace him. Before you know it, Spring Training will be upon us and we'll be excited about the start of another season. I seriously doubt we'll ever hear anything of substance from Mark McGwire until then.

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