All I want for Christmas is...I don't know! -

All I want for Christmas is...I don't know!

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Jude playing football By Afton Spriggs Jude playing football By Afton Spriggs

It's not even Thanksgiving yet and I am in full-on Christmas-time panic mode! I'm surrounded by commercials, coupons, and store ads everywhere I turn, but I have no idea what to get my son for Christmas. My son Jude is 13-months-old and I just can't come up with any good gift ideas. It seems he's either too young or too old for all of the toys that are being advertised this year. I'm stuck! I'm thinking about going with some classics - books, puzzles, maybe some blocks - but I feel pressured to get him something really amazing.

This year, Jude will be much more aware of Christmas. He got to practice the whole present opening thing on his birthday, so he'll be a pro by Christmas time. I think that's why I feel like I have to have the perfect gift - because I know Jude will really get into opening present and playing with toys. So fellow! I need your ideas. What are you getting your little ones? What did you get your kids when they were Jude's age? I am in need of some ideas from some creative moms. Post your ideas below or e-mail them to me (

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