The latest on the Hancock Fabric Scam -

The latest on the Hancock Fabric Scam

I’m still working hard to uncover new information in the Hancock Fabric Scam.   Today detectives from 20 plus local agencies meet up in Maryland Heights to discuss information related to the case.  In the past few hours I’ve confirmed that several agencies have surveillance photos of possible suspects using the fake duplicate cards at area ATMs.

Tonight at ten, we’re taking a closer look at Hancock Fabrics.  I’ve learned that the company is based in Baldwyn, Mississippi.  There are currently well over 200 Hancock Fabric stores across the country.  In 2007 the company filed for bankruptcy and emerged in August of 2008.  In January of this year Hancock Fabrics cut about 9 percent of its staff, sighting the poor economy and sales at its stores across the country.

I’ve also confirmed today that Hancock Fabrics settled a class act suit in April of 2008.  In the lawsuit costumers claimed the company was not careful with costumer credit card information.   Federal law mandates that companies only list the last four digits of a person’s credit or debit card on a receipt; and the plaintiff suggests that the fabric store was in complete violation.   

Hancock Fabrics eventually agreed to play close to 80 thousand dollars in award money and attorney’s fees to the costumers.   


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