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Police seeking suspects for area car break-ins

KMOV - Police are searching for thieves who broke into three dozen cars over the weekend in St. Charles and St. Louis Counties.

The thieves targeted mostly cars parked at hotels. All the stolen cars were within a few blocks of eachother near Fifth St. and I-70.

Police believe the burglars had to be a group of thieves because of the number of break ins.

At the St. Charles Convention Center's Embassy Suites, as many as 15 cars were broken into Saturday night. Across the street, six more cars were stolen at Fairfield Inn, another ten at an aprtment complex, and four more at a Comfort Inn.

Police say they took gps devices, cell phones, and computers to name a few. Authorities believe the thieves are traveling in stolen Dodge Rams, one maroon in color, the other silver and white.

Police are also hoping one of the hotels can produce some surveillance video, but that hasn't happened so far.

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