From Child Custody to H1N1 to Breast Cancer -

From Child Custody to H1N1 to Breast Cancer

This was one of those days.  I started off assigned to a child custody case, which due to the confidentiality issues and the parents' wishes did not end in a story.  Perhaps later.  Next, onto H1N1 vaccines in Hillsboro.  The highlight there was a charming four year old who was quite the little man getting his shot.  There was also an adult male getting a shot.  He has long white hair and a beard, and, well, as you can imagine.... we're getting into his "busy" season if you get my drift.  The kids there sure looked at him with awe and took the candy canes he passed out when he told them to be good.  Then it was on to the Center for Advanced Medicine, where Dr. Barbara Monsees  worries that new guidelines for mammograms released today by a government task force will hurt women.  The explanation of how this group can look at the same data as the American Cancer Society and come up with such different guidelines is too technical for a quick television story.  I tried to simplify it as best I could, but this is when you hope viewers will be vigilent about their health and do more research.  Bottom line, Wash. U. Med. School says stick with the old recommendations - mammograms for most women after age 40, and yearly.  Not after age 50 and every other year as the task force says.

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