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Drug Addicted Burglars

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A band of burglars is hard at work in the Metro East. Police say they drive around during the day looking for homes that appear to be ideal targets. Our Neighborhood Crime Alert story shows you the Collinsville neighborhood where they found their most recent victims. The criminals take valuables they can get away with quickly. I talked with a victim who said the crooks took jewelry and electronics and left his home ransacked.

Investigators believe these bandits are motivated first and foremost by some serious drug addictions. They're stealing other people's stuff to sell it for drugs or to get the cash to buy drugs. That can make for a some pretty bold, aggressive criminals. Police want you to be alerted that these criminals are operating in the metro east.

To reduce the risk that you're home will be chosen by burglars, police have this advice. Make sure you get to know your neighbors and look out for each other. If you don't know your neighbor, you're less likely to recognize what is and isn't suspicious behavior. If you see something fishy or someone that looks like they don't belong in your neighborhood, don't be afraid to call police. Keep bushes trimmed so burglars can't had behind them to break into a window. Put a radio on a timer so that it sounds like someone's home.

Police say they're making progress in the investigation and hope to zero in on some suspects soon.

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