Are your debit cards safe -

Are your debit cards safe

This morning I am working on a Hancock Fabrics story. You may remember News4 broke this story last week. Basically shoppers at Hancock Fabrics had their debit card numbers and pins numbers captured from an old credit card reader. This move paved the way for scammers to take thousands of dollars from customer accounts. So far we have more then 30 documented cases of this scam in our area. Investigators tell us shoppers in Wisconsin and in California have been hit by this scam. We are also told this debit card scam has also drained the bank accounts of shoppers in other countries. What may be even more disturbing is there are reports that this same scam has hit a McDonalds Restaurant in Australia. Being so close to the holiday season it will be interesting to see what law enforcement agencies are doing to protect our accounts. News Four's Marc Cox is asking local law enforcement agencies what they are doing to protect shoppers. Check out his reports on News Four at five and six o'clock.

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