Neighborhood Crime Alert -

Neighborhood Crime Alert

 I'm always reading over police reports and gathering crime info for my Neighborhood Crime Alert stories that run Monday nights at 10 p.m.

Recently, the City of Florissant released some new crime statistics showing a drop in crime in most categories.

A series of home burglaries that occurred in broad daylight in Florissant was the focus of a story we did in August.

Sgt. Kevin Boschert showed us what burglars look for when choosing a house to hit and provided a wealth of crime prevention information.

Florissant has seen an increase in numbers for shoplifting and minor property damage, but here are the stats for the other categories.

Simple assault down 67%

Motor vehicle theft down 41%

Commercial burglary down 19%

Residential burglary down 18%

Robbery down 5%

Rape down 4%

Arson down 4%

Sex offenses down 4%

Aggravated assault down 3%

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