Young Girl Found Naked Along Highway -

Young Girl Found Naked Along Highway



Cheyenne shares a bedroom with her older sister. The room is decorated with Disney princesses. Their toys are in the closet.



But Biship says while she slept Cheyenne took a space heater, turned it over, used it to boost herself up and climbed over the gate. She unlocked the deadbolt leading to the garage (Biship says she didn't know she could reach it, much less unlock it) and made her way out of the house to the highway. Cheyenne's been going through potty training so all she had on was a diaper. She slipped it off.

After deputies were able to trace Cheyenne back to Biship's home, Biship was arrested. She says the Department of Family Services removed not only Cheyenne from the house but they also went to the nearby grade school and took her other daughter as well.

On Monday there will be a hearing with the DFS. Until then, Biship must wait. That's why she says this weekend is going to be "hell."


A woman we interviewed today said this weekend is going to be "hell."

Danielle Biship lives in Jefferson County and is now facing possible Child Endangerment charges. Her 3-year-old daughter was found along Highway C in rural Jefferson County Thursday morning by a passing motorist. The girl was naked and alone.

The girl has high functioning autism. Biship is a psychology student and had been up late Wednesday night working on a paper. Her husband is a trucker driver and was on the road. Thursday morning Biship said she got up with her daughter, Cheyenne, but then went back to bed. She says she first put up a three-foot high child gate in her daughter's bedroom door.

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