Chris Coleman case moving closer to trial... But where? -

Chris Coleman case moving closer to trial... But where?


When he walked in the courtroom my first thought was, "Are they doing some other case first?"  I didn't recognize the man.  He has lost quite a bit of weight, his hair is longer but not long and he has no facial here. 

The judge asked one of his attorneys when they'd be ready for trial.  John O'Gara said he wouldnt' be ready until at least next summer or fall.  He told the judge the defense team is not done reviewing discovery documents and they've got a lot of work yet to do to prepare.

The judge said, "Let's look at August."

The judge also told Coleman's defense attorneys he wants to know in the next two weeks if they're going to seek a change of venue.  I think it would be a surprise to many if that doesn't happen.

They scheduled a pre-trial conference for March 29th.

The judge called Coleman before him briefly.  He asked him if he was happy with his legal cousel and Coleman said, "yes."  The judge also asked him how he was being treated in the jail and Coleman said he'd been treated fine.

The state of Illinois is seeking the death penalty against Chris Coleman.


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