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I've been scammed, now what

I have been following up on a story that my colleague Erica Byfield broke earlier this week.  There are reports of a debt card scam that has left the checking accounts of some shoppers in the red. The victims all have one thing in common they all have shopped at a Hancock Fabrics store. This week Erica talked to two victims who had a combine 3-thousand dollars taken from their accounts. There are more than 20 other cases that have been reported St. Louis City, County, and in St. Charles. The details are still sketch at this point, but investigators believe old card readers at the stores were capturing the account and pin numbers. Which made it easy for con artists to get the money.  We have not received a official comment from Hancock Fabric Stores. If you experience this problem you should notify your bank as soon as possible. The sooner you alert your bank to the problem the sooner they can get it resolved. Also keep all forms of documents so you can give it to your bank. 








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