Cockroaches invade local woman's home -

Cockroaches invade local woman's home

St. Louis (KMOV) - A St. Louis woman has had enough with the management at her apartment complex for not acting on a nightmare situation.



Lisa Griffen is living in that nightmare.Cockroaches are everywhere in her apartment. They're in the door jams, in the bathrooms, in boxes, and just about everywhere else you can imagine.

No matter how much Griffen cleans, she can't get rid of the bugs. She says the cockroaches are crawling out of vents, and they're coming from a neighboring apartment.

Griffin called the exterminator, but the problem persisted. She says she's lived in her current residence for seven years, and pays her rent on time.

When she asked for a new apartment, and was denied, her friend called News Four for help.

News Four tried to ask a manager at O'fallon Place, and instead of offering to help, management called the police. After explaining the situation, authorities made sure Griffen found a healthy place to sleep.

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