School district mistakenly ruins H1N1 vaccine doses -

School district mistakenly ruins H1N1 vaccine doses

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- The H1N1 flu vaccine is in short supply, but News 4 has learned the Rockwood School District mistakenly ruined 1,800 doses.


School district officials said this year’s seasonal nasal-spray flu vaccine was delivered in October and kept in an industrial refrigerator inside a food storage warehouse.


District spokeswoman Kim Cranston said the 1,831 doses of the vaccine were going to be given to elementary school students in the district next week.


“Sometime over the weekend, the thermostat on the refrigerator malfunctioned, which made the temperature too high for the vaccines that were stored there,” Cranston said.


The district immediately took steps to make there that never happens again. The vaccines will now be stored at SSM St. Clare Health Center in Fenton.

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