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Lost Trail

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

     The St Francois State Park covers some 2700 acres in Northern St Francois County.
It is a scenic place filled with trees, hills and creeks.  But on fall days like this, the scenic views can quickly disappear after a few moments of twilight.  This was the situaion, officials say that faced two teenagers who decided to embark on an 11 mile taril at 3:30 in the afternoon.  Deep enough along the trail darkness and a fall chill set in fast, leaving the pair lost in their tracks and probably frightened.  When we were out there at 6, I can tell you it was very dark with only a flicker of a light or two off on a far away hill, and the sound of coyotes could be heard off the distance.  Unprepared, the outdoors can be extremely challenging.
      The one thing that led searchers to them was a cell phone.  Tracing the signal and plugging the coordinates into a GPS, the girls were found about 3 hours after the sun went down.
      The park's superintendent tells me this happens about two or three times a year.  Hikers getting lost and being found.  The one thing he advises all hikers to do is take a cell phone.  It's best way to be found. 

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