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Police suspect thief using fake debit cards

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

 St. Peters (KMOV) - Local police suspect someone is using fake debit cards to withdraw huge sums of cash from several area checking accounts.

The scam is wildly known as the "Hancock Fabrics Scam." It all started when Laura Murphy went to buy fabric for an apron at a St. Peters Hancock Fabrics location.

Laura's husband went to pay a bill online and saw a $700 withdraw.

Laura Murphy called Bank of America, when a representative confirmed it was fraud. The bank refunded the money back, then urged her to contact police.

First, Murphy went to O'Fallon police.

"They took the information and said, 'You know what, it didn't happen here.' The withdraw was actually at a Bank of America ATM in Chesterfield," Murphy said.

Murphy then went to Chesterfield to file another report. Later that day, O'Fallon police called back to say they had someone else in the lobby with the same situation.

Both Chesterfield and O'Fallon currently know they have several cases, and in each one, the common thread is Hancock Fabrics.

Police aren't saying whether or not they have a suspect in mind

As to how the crooks steal the money, police's best guess is they steal debit card information, then make fake cards.

The scam is not only in Missouri. Police in Wisconsin and California are also investigating several cases.

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