Debit Card Scam -

Debit Card Scam



An alert News 4 viewer sent us an email informing us about a scam sweeping through the area.  According to the viewer, and we’ve confirmed through local police, someone is stealing debit card information and then withdraw large sums of money from people’s checking accounts.   To date O’Fallon, Missouri and Chesterfield Police tell us they are investigating several of these cases.  The common thread with all of the victims is at some point they shopped at Hancock Fabrics.  The viewer tells us that police have video of someone using a fake debit card to withdraw 700 dollars from her checking account in Chesterfield on Saturday.   She still had her debt card on her on Saturday and with Bank of America’s help investigators were able to determine someone made a fake card.  Since finding out about the fraud she’s cancelled her debit card and now wants to make sure no one else in the area becomes a victim. 

Police in California and Wisconsin are also investigating several debt card fraud cases involving Hancock Fabrics.


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