New bra product tranforms into putting green -

New bra product tranforms into putting green

Triumph, maker of the eco, solar and recyclable bras, showcased the latest of its eccentric bra Wednesday with eyes on a different green -- golf.


Teeing up its novelty in links-crazed Japan, the new "Make-the-Putt Bra" is driving the fairway to consumers' hearts as it turns into a self-contained putting mat.


"Golf is getting more and more popular among young Japanese women, and outstanding Japanese players such as Ryo Ishikawa and Ai Miyazato are all young. So, we tried to fit this social trend into our concept bra," said Hiromi Shinta, public relations manager of underwear-maker Triumph.


The green fluffy lingerie may not be that practical - it's so big that it almost covers the entire belly because it has to nest the five-foot long green velvet underneath it.


A battery-powered audio signal also helps motivate the player, blaring the traditional Japanese encouragement: "Nice in!" when the cups become filled and there is no caddy needed.


"This is a golf ball key holder and this is for tees to use on the golf course at any time. And this is a pencil to keep your score with," said Reiko Aoyama who modeled the full set of the bra that pairs with a pink collar and skirt, which turns into a flag with sign reading "Be Quiet".


Triumph, not targeting commercial sales, offer a complementary sports skirt reminding all of proper course etiquette.

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