Twilight Madness -

Twilight Madness

In just one week, the most anticipated movie for tweens opens in theaters across the country.  THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON has vampire fans of all ages rushing to the mall for posters, Cullen coven bracelets and yes, blood. 

Last night, I was in Hot Topic at the Galleria, and there it was: a pouch of B positive.  The sales manager told me they can't keep it in stock.  (Moms don't worry, this is actually similar to Hawaiian Punch despite looking like it came from the lab.)  And then he told me a woman in her 50s offered him $500 for a movie poster that wasn't for sale. 

If you're among the millions who just can't wait to see NEW MOON, watch Great Day St. Louis for your chance to see it *before* the movie opens in theaters.  We have some awesome vampire gear that came into our office too, so you don't have to pay $500 for a poster.  We're giving them away!  Be sure to watch for your chance to win.  And click on the links for some of my favorite movie trailer spoofs.

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