Guenther: Zook Back in 2010 -

Guenther: Zook Back in 2010

Well at least there seems to be one guy who thinks Ron Zook should return in 2010.

And that man just happens to be the only person who matters in the situation.

Illinois athletic director Ron Guenther gave Zook his vote of confidence at an odd halftime press conference with selective reporters at Ross-Ade Stadium.

"The question that has come up and continues to come up is and continues to come up: Is there a change in Champaign?," said Guenther. "The reason the BTN (Big Ten Network) got it is because Glen Mason and I are going to have dinner next week. I said, 'Let's put one thing to rest. There will be some changes, but there won't be a change on the top.' There's a great deal of frustration, obviously, with the program at the moment. That's all I've got to say.

"I think it was really unfair to start jumping, at the end of the fifth year, on the guy," Guenther said. "That's what I wanted to put aside. We're going to sit down and evaluate certainly. But there is no decision at the top."

What it means

If Illinois fails to win another game this season and ends 1-11, Zook is gone. Even with the economic and administrative issues right now, how can Guenther and the university justify bringing back an underachieving coaching staff. What about when the suite and season ticket holders don't renew their tickets for next season?

I think this might be a PR statement in order to relieve the pressure off Zook and keep the focus on winning football games.

Bottom line: don't look to deep into Guenther's vote of confidence.


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