Small laundromat claims Ameren UE destroyed business -

Small laundromat claims Ameren UE destroyed business

ELLSBURY, Mo. (News 4 Investigates) – A mom-and-pop laundromat, located in Ellsbury, Missouri, goes bust and they blame it on a mistake made by a major corporation. 

Donna Reseck’s business was running smoothly for nine months before October 20 when it was put through the ringer.  Reseck says every machine in the laundromat is useless because Ameren UE sent too much electricity through the power lines when they were working on a nearby substation.

Ameren UE offered her as much as $150,000 for the issue, but that would only cover the cost of the machines and not the loss of business.

“We have lost a minimum of $250 a day…it has been going on five months,” Reseck said.  “I would not be closed if it wasn’t for Ameren so I feel they owe me.”

At this point, Reseck is in debt and has even received a shut-off notice from Ameren UE for non-payment. 

The small business wanted to settle the problem right away, but Ameren did not make any offers until months after it was forced to close.  In order to pay their debts and cover their lost business, they are hoping Ameren will fix the business they claim it broke.

Ameren UE has not admitted any fault with this situation and has made several offers to Reseck’s attorneys to replace the equipment.  Reseck says Ameren UE needs to pay for the time she was closed through no fault of her own.

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