Multiple groups say Soulard Oktoberfest did not pay for services -

Multiple groups say Soulard Oktoberfest did not pay for services

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- Five months after partygoers celebrated Oktoberfest in Soulard, at least one group says organizers of the festival have not paid for its services.

The American Legion Barlog-Kuszaj-Zero Memorial Post 422 says Soulard Oktoberfest promised to give $4,000 to the charity in exchange for operating two concession booths last fall.

Bill Wirtel, who works for the charity, says around 130 volunteers gave their time. The group was able to keep around $2,000 in tips, but Wirtel says his group has yet to receive the $4,000 payment.

“Nothing, nothing at all has come our way,” said Bill Wirtel.

“It’s a big let down to our veterans, especially. We put in a lot of volunteer hours,” said Mike Kingeman with the BKZ Memorial Post.

John McKinstry is the organizer behind Soulard Oktoberfest.

When News 4 caught up with him on Wednesday morning, McKinstry said he was trying to raise the money. He said all groups will eventually be paid.

McKinstry agreed to have his attorney meet News 4 for further comment later in the afternoon. But when Attorney Natalia McKinstry called, she said her client did not mean to say the organization was behind in payments.

The attorney declined to comment further, citing pending litigation.

A search of court records found that a for-profit group is suing the Oktoberfest organizer for breach of contract.

An attorney representing MAC Events and Meetings told News 4 that Oktoberfest owes the company more than half of a $35,000 contract.

Oktoberfest is countersuing, saying MAC failed to meet the terms of the contract.

MAC’s attorney denies the countersuit claims.


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