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Occupy members responsible for vandalism to house of public safety director

ST. LOUIS -- It appears that Occupy the Midwest members are responsible for vandalism at the home of St. Louis Public Safety Director Eddie Roth.

Graffiti appeared this weekend.  The words "blood on your hands" and drops of red paint were splashed on the steps of his home.  Roth says a similar incident happened last November.

In a statement, Roth said: "My wife and I have received many very thoughtful expressions of concern, for which we are grateful. We are fine -- annoyed but not worried. (Our teenage and 20-something children are the most annoyed).  We don't think this is representative of the Occupy movement in St. Louis, which is one of the reasons we have tried to keep it low key. But it does point out the need for the Occupy participants who are passionate but responsible to push back against the few who are intent on being destructive."

News 4 reached the media representatives for the movement, who in response to the graffiti, member Chuck Whitthaus sent us this statement:

"This is the first we've heard of this incident, we have no idea who might have done it nor do we care to speculate on it. With two people being shot by police in St. Louis over the weekend and the incident that happened Thursday we're more worried about brutal police violence and misconduct than graffiti.  Occupy the Midwest was a group of individuals attempting to make decisions collectively through Our General Assembly process and no decision regarding graffiti came out of that body."

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