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Quick thoughts on SLU and Mizzou

(KMOV) -- This wasn't supposed to happen, the game was supposed to be over midway through the second half if not earlier, Mizzou was supposed to trounce the number 15 seed and strut into the next round where they were supposed to meet St. Louisan Bradley Beal and the Florida Gators; it's time to deal with reality, Norfolk State pulled off one of the biggest upsets in NCAA Tournament history in sending home a team who many thought was a team of destiny back to Columbia  discouraged, disappointed and dumbfounded by the two-point loss.  


Give credit to the Spartans. They shot incredibly well, played an extremely tough and physical game and flat out beat Mizzou. 

This will hurt for a long, long time for the players, but they surfaced one of the greatest regular seasons ever in Mizzou basketball history.  However, fans, media, and even the players themselves most likely will remember the 2011-2012 season not for the 30-4 regular season record, but for the first round exit in the tournament which many had them going deep into, maybe even heading to the National Championship game.


With the passing of Easy Ed Macauley and Charlie Spoonhour it’s been a tough year for the Billikens’ family, but Friday, every SLU fan was smiling after the Bill’s first NCAA Tournament win since 1998.  SLU played an extremely tough game. 


The big stage didn’t scare them.  They weren’t intimidated by a team who some had heading to the Elite 8.  SLU will play number one seeded Michigan State Sunday.  Can they win, yes, will they, probably not, but you can bet the Bills will give it everything they have and Coach Rick Majerus will have them prepared. Keep in mind its March Madness, anything can happen, just ask Mizzou.


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