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Wentzville saying 'goodbye' to red light cameras

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore
(KMOV.com) -- The board of alderman in Wentzville, Missouri voted Wednesday night not to renew their red light camera  contract although Mayor Paul Lambi says the city has seen a decrease in accidents since the cameras were installed in 2008.
Lambi said he is against the vote.  In 2008, Lambi explains, Wentzville's population was 18,000 to 20,000 and there were roughly seven accidents at any given intersection.  New numbers released in December, 2011 showed the same number of accidents at any given intersection even though the population has doubled in those 3 years.
Lambi said he thinks the board voted to not renew the contract because red light cameras are not popular with drivers.  He does not think the decision was financially motivated because the cameras do not cost the city any money.  In fact, Lambi said, the cameras pay for themselves by the fines people pay after they are caught running lights.  
The mayor added that the city makes more money handing out handwritten citations rather than red light camera tickets, so his argument is not only are the cameras helping keep people safe, they do not cost taxpayers anything.  He said the cameras were installed in 2008 and expects the contract to run out in 2013.


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