Construction begins on the downtown riverfront -

Construction begins on the downtown riverfront

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Work is currently underway on a pilot project that could determine what the new St. Louis riverfront will look like.

Construction crews are tearing apart a section of Leonore K. Sullivan located at the foot of the Ead’s Bridge.

A new type of paving stones will be installed later this week, but first officials want to make sure the new stones will last with the daily traffic and flood conditions.

“It is going to go underwater and we are near an intersection here so we will have a lot of turning movements where the trucks and busses will go over it and we will see if it fails or not,” Todd Waeltermann, St. Louis Streets Department official, said.  “The whole key is yes it worked or no it failed.”

The construction on the redesigned Leonore K. Sullivan will likely begin in 2013.  It will be raised three feet to help minimize the impact of flooding.

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