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1 Dead, 3 wounded in gunfire near Texas courthouse

BEAUMONT, Texas – A man who was on trial for aggravated sexual assault of a child in Beaumont opened fire at the Jefferson County Courthouse Wednesday morning, killing at least one person and wounding three others, a judge told KFDM News.

It happened around 11 a.m.

Judge John Stevens told KFDM – Beaumont’s CBS affiliate - that the shooter had been on trial at the courthouse since Monday. On Tuesday, the victim took the stand. The victim was scheduled to resume testimony Wednesday afternoon.

But the judge said the suspect was waiting outside the courthouse, which houses both civil and criminal courts, late Wednesday morning when he started shooting.

KFDM reports that the first person was shot – and possibly even run over – by the suspect outside of the courthouse. Then, an elderly woman was shot near the courthouse doors. She died at the scene.

A third victim who was shot multiple times may have run into the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office for cover.

A fourth person was shot at the bus transfer station, which is about two blocks away.

Police told KFDM that the suspect fled the courthouse after the shootings, taking cover in another building down the road.

Employees there were able to get his gun, and the suspect was rushed to the hospital with what police described as "very serious injuries."

The nature of those injuries was not immediately clear.

The three surviving gunshot victims, some of whom were shot multiple times, were all taken to the hospital in Beaumont.

Their conditions were not known.

It was not known if the victims and the shooter were related, but Judge Stevens told KFDM that the shooter was at the courthouse with his family for the trial.

After the shootings, the courthouse was evacuated and the nearby streets were locked down.

Air 11 captured video over the scene of officers interviewing witnesses and marking evidence. Crime-scene tape was wrapped around the grounds of the courthouse.


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