Reporter's Blog: Be on lookout for 'Pots O' Gold!' in St. Louis -

Reporter's Blog: Be on lookout for 'Pots O' Gold!' in St. Louis

(KMOV)-- They are going to be all over the place Friday and Saturday.

Similar to the Salvation Army red kettle, the St. Patrick Center's Pot O' Gold campaign is being held to raise money for their mission which is to help homeless veterans and families get jobs and get homes.

They're trying to raise $100,000 Friday and Saturday with Pots O' Gold in 100 locations scattered throughout the St. Louis Metro Area.  We were at the Gateway Metro Credit Union at 9th and Chestnut Wednesday morning where some Gonzaga students on spring break were helping get things started.

They'll be among the 300+ volunteers standing with the Pots O' Gold handing out shamrock necklaces with every dollar donated.

This campaign raised about $46,000 a year ago.  I asked St. Patrick Center volunteer coordinator Kristen Bracken how feasible a $100,000 goal is this year.

"This is the first year we've had a goal of 100 sites and $100,000, more than double our goal last year, but we have a lot more locations this year so with more locations, more volunteers and the online donation site as well, I have no doubt we'll be able to reach that goal," said Bracken.

You can find the Pots O Gold at several dozen Schnuck's stores, Edward Jones, Eagle Bank and Union Station as well as Gateway Metro Credit Union.

You can also make a donation online if you don't mind missing out on the plastic necklace.  Go to

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.

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