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FEMA officials revisit Harrisburg to reassess tornado damage

HARRISBURG, Illinois — Officials with FEMA were back in Harrisburg on Tuesday, just days after saying it wouldn’t financially help homeowners recovering from a tornado that ravaged the town last month.

The storm ripped through the town, destroying nearly 100 hundred homes and killing seven people.

Officials with FEMA said the damage was not severe enough in order to receive help from the government.

But Harrisburg Mayor Eric Gregg, who refuses to give up, wants to know how they can look at all the damage and say it’s not severe enough.

“Again, this is a process we’re going through. We understand that,” said Gregg. “We didnt agree with the decision last week. We hope they come out with a better conclusion this week and we’re going to do our best to help them reach that decision here in Harrisburg.”

Officials with FEMA plan to spend the next few days in Harrisburg focusing specifally on the infrastructure and the damage that was done.

They’re expected to make a decision by the end of the week.



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