Contractor disappears with client's down payment -

Contractor disappears with client's down payment

(KMOV) -- Another contractor disappears with a big down payment, at News 4 we see it alot. But we recently found something that doesn't happen very often.

One contractor is actually charged with a crime for taking money and failing to deliver.
All Joan and John Mazdra wanted was a new roof on their O’Fallon, Missouri home. The Mazdras called Umbrella Roofing to do the job, and gave Chris Pecoraro a check for $4,500.

“We filed criminal charges against him, he stole our money” said Joan Mazdra.
They gave him the check last August. Since then the Mazdra's haven't seen their $4,500, any work, or Chris Pecoraro. So they called the police and cashing a check for a job you didn't do is actually a crime.
He agreed to speak with Chris Nagus after he faced the judge. Pecoraro agreed to give the Mazdras back their money by the end of March.

He also told News 4 things got bad when homeowners bailed on him. He said he's owed upward of $50,000 for work he completed, but was never paid for.

News 4’s Chris Nagus will let you know what happens.

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