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Woman gets assistance with home construction after being ripped off

(KMOV) -- On Monday night at ten I told you about a 92 year old blind woman who was ripped off on a roofing deal.

I received nearly two dozen offers from News 4 viewers who wanted to help.

Tonight Mildred brewer says her prayers were answered.  

You would be surprised at the amount of people that saw it on TV.  

One of those viewers was Kerry House, the owner of lane house construction.

Just three days after hearing the story house had 10 guys working on Mildred’s roof free of charge.

“I felt like this might be a good opportunity for us to step up and do something right.”

In September Mildred gave $5,000 to K & D home specialist.

She says the owner, Kiela Robertson, cashed her check and disappeared.

Over the phone Kiela told me she had up a year to complete the job.

But with water coming through her ceiling Mildred couldn't wait.  

“From September until yesterday it's been a nightmare.”  

Mildred's daughter says her mother has lost countless hours of sleep worried about her roof.

House offered some advice so other homeowners could avoid this mess.  

“You feel like it should be a huge red flag if someone is asking for a huge down payment? Absolutely you can find lots of reputable contractors that don't require you give them a bunch of money to get the job started.”  

Tonight Mildred will sleep soundly knowing her nightmare is over.  

“I think it's wonderful, I thank God for them and for you Chris.”  

Lane House Construction also discovered some unforeseen problems with Mildred’s roof including rotted wood, which they also replaced. If you know of a rip off you want me to investigate let me know on my KMOV Facebook page.


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