Schumaker enjoys competition at second base -

Schumaker enjoys competition at second base

(BaseballStL) -- A big league career has never come easy for Skip Schumaker. This year, he finds himself competing with two other Cardinals for a starting spot at second base.

"I think that's always happened for me, fighting for a job and really fighting for my life to stay in the big leagues every year," Schumaker said. "I think I'd be out of the game if that changed."

He shrugged off questions about impressing the new Cardinals skipper, saying proving himself has been a continuous process in the majors.

"I think you have to prove yourself every year in the major leagues," he said. "It's such a cutthroat industry and people forget what you've done in the past."

Watch Schumaker's conversation with KMOV's Doug Vaughn in the video section

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