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Rasmus sounds off about time with Cardinals

(BaseballStL) -- Colby Rasmus reported to the Blue Jays spring training camp with an open mind, but the cuts remain deep from his time in St. Louis.

Rasmus admitted to John Lott of National Post that his time in St. Louis was not good and blamed it on never being comfortable.

“I played good in the outfield in the end in Toronto, in the last part of the season my outfield was good I feel like and I was just relaxed,” Rasmus told National Post.  “In St. Louis, I got into some trouble where my outfield wasn’t very good but I just wasn’t playing like myself.  I wasn’t relaxed, I was worried about messing up and thinking like I had to go over the top to do these things and I just got stressed out, got caught in a place where my confidence wasn’t there.”

It may come as a surprise to hear a player say that he did not feel confident playing in St. Louis.  This is a city that has gotten the most out of its players with the help of a respectful and intelligent fan base. 

That uncomfortable feeling may come from the rift with then-manager Tony La Russa in addition to the ever-changing swing of Rasmus.

“I was trying to do too much and changing things, every day a different swing, which is one thing I want to do now, stick with one thing, get my little routine and stick with it,” Rasmus said.  “If it don’t work, I go home happy, that’s fine. I did it myself and have my own little routine and I stuck with it, instead of listening to everybody giving me advice here and there.”

Unlike with the youthful Blue Jays, the now 25-year-old outfielder had to deal with a major age gap with the majority of the Cardinals players during his time in St. Louis.

“I really never felt good in St. Louis.  I was always so much younger than everybody else, and I just felt like I was never really, I guess you could say, a part of the team kind of.  I never got comfortable, and Tony wanted it that way. 

“He always said he didn’t want me to get comfortable, he wanted me to always stay working hard and doing this and doing that.  So I think that was one thing that might have hurt my game a little bit.”

Personally, I am not writing this to bash Rasmus at all, but his words about the usually soft St. Louis media was definitely an eye-catcher and quite comical (for me).

“The media in St. Louis, they were always on me,” Rasmus said.  “I guess I’m an easy target because I’m nice and I try to talk and be nice to the guys, but that’s just not how it works.  They will take you for everything you can get.  So I’m just going to try keep my mouth shut, play the baseball game, relax, and just have fun.”

Rasmus, who got “a little sumpin-sumpin” of the Cardinals postseason share, did not watch the team make its run at the franchise’s eleventh World Series championship but admitted he was cheering for the team.

Will he receive a World Series ring for playing 94 games in 2011 for the Cardinals?

“That’s what I hear, I don’t know.  I’ll believe it when I see it.”

by Scott Bierman, BaseballStL

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