Satanism. Murder. False memories? A treatment center is under fire -

Satanism. Murder. False memories? A treatment center is under fire

Satanic ritual abuse.


Two women claim the therapy sessions at Castlewood Treatment Center helped plant those false memories, according to two lawsuits filed against Castlewood and Dr. Mark Schwartz, its Clinical Co-Director. The suits were filed by former patients Lisa Nasseff and Leslie Thompson. Some of the allegations are chilling. During an interview, Ms. Nasseff cried as she recalled the impact of believing she had murdered a child as part of a satanic ritual. She claims Schwartz brainwashed her into believing something that never happened.

Former staff at Castlewood told me the treatment methods at Castlewood included hypnosis and psychotropic drugs. Three former Castlewood employees say Schwartz claimed an  extraordinarily high percentage of patients were victims of satanic abuse who developed multiple personalities or dissociative disorders to avoid dealing with their painful experiences. Nasseff and Thompson insist those memories were false.  

Dr. Schwartz talks more about the treatment methods used at the center in this Youtube video.

We repeatedly tried to get an interview with Dr. Schwartz, but he refused. Castlewood issued this statement.

"Castlewood has not been provided a copy of the litigation that was filed late yesterday by this plaintiff’s attorney, and we are unable to comment on the allegations it makes. We can tell you that previous litigation filed by this same plaintiff’s attorney contained numerous false, absurd and bizarre allegations that we patently reject.
As mental health care providers we hold the confidentiality and well-being of our clients as a sacred trust. Unfortunately now we find ourselves bound to reveal, in the appropriate legal venue, every salient detail and sensitive information related to these clients’ histories and time at Castlewood. It is an unfortunate situation in which to be placed, but we will do so through the legal system.
Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder. Therefore we take very seriously the work we do helping clients deal with this life-threatening illness. False allegations of this sort belittle the efforts of dozens of dedicated and trained healthcare professionals who are working every day to help clients address and recover from eating disorders. For more than a decade Castlewood has provided quality care to more than 1,000 clients suffering from severe anorexia, bulimia and compulsive overeating – among the most complex health conditions. Many clients, who have spent years of their lives in other residential treatment centers, hospitals or other facilities, find healing at Castlewood after having tried many different options."

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