Alderman leads effort to clean-up north St. Louis neighborhood -

Alderman leads effort to clean-up north St. Louis neighborhood

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Broken down cars, dogs running loose and an eyesore to the community.  Those descriptions led the city to put a stop to a local business in an effort to clean-up a north St. Louis neighborhood on Wednesday.

Alderman Antonio French told News 4 that he wants entrepreneurs in the community, but only if they follow the rules.  The intersection of Althone and Lee was a key area in the clean-up effort.

“It kind of goes to what is often known as the ‘broken glass theory’ that when you start seeing deterioration, people start acting accordingly,” Alderman French said.  “We have been trying to clean up that whole area and this corner right now is the biggest eyesore on that strip.”

As a result of the clean-up, an auto body repair business was discovered to be in violation of its permit for working on cars outside, not closing at proper hours and leaving junked cars outside for months. 

The business owner, Arthur Prewitt, pleaded his case at an appeal hearing today but was denied and told he cannot operate his business there anymore.  The property owner will now have to decide when the business has to be removed from the building.

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