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Mizzou fans should remain excited despite loss

(MISSOURI BASKETBALL APP) -- Alright Mizzou fans, step back from that ledge. I know the loss stings right now, but let's keep our heads.

It hurts to lose twice to the same team- even more so when it's an underperforming KSU squad that looked in control on our home floor. But this Missouri crew has three losses. That's it. Yes all three are in conference, but if you were told back in November Missouri would have three losses on February 21, you would have been uncontrollably excited.

Every team has a kryptonite. Maybe Mizzou's is just the squad from the Little Apple. Sure we can have concerns about what their size did to us, but we're not going to get any taller between now and March. The Tigers are as good as they're going to be, and all things considered, two losses to KSU is hardly a killer.

Missouri still has a shot to win the Big XII, and perhaps now more than ever. There's nothing KU wanted less than for Mizzou to come to Lawrence with their backs against the wall. It's now all-or-nothing on the 25th, and Missouri is coming to re-write history.

If we blew out the Wildcats and rode into Kansas on a high, we could have been chased off the court. Now there's no illusions, and no pride to catch us off guard. Now, we are playing to earn our top seed in the tourney and rebuild our bruised egos. So while we may be drinking to forget Tuesday night, we should also raise a glass to K-State. I'm wagering they got in the last solid punch Missouri is going to allow all season.

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