Roofer rips off elderly woman with unfinished work -

Roofer rips off elderly woman with unfinished work

(KMOV) It's not nice to rip off anyone, but it's really bad when the person you rip off is 92 and blind.

This roofer is full of excuses, but our homeowner isn't buying them, and neither are we.

Her name is Kiela Robertson; she's got a nice little ad on YouTube for her company k & d home specialist.

But the ad doesn't show this.  

“After I gave her the check I haven't seen her since.”  

At 92 Mildred Brewer is a trusting person.

She gave Kiela $5,000 for a new roof back in September.

Kiela delivered some shingles which have been sitting on the roof for months, then she split.  

“Ripped me off that's what I can say.”

“She's worked all her life to get ripped off like this is really too much.”

Mildred's daughter says Kiela doesn't return calls. So I went to track her down.

I went to the address where her business is registered with the secretary of state.

A home where she doesn't live. The guy who lives here doesn't know Kiela, but he's already tired of her.


“Everybody is coming here looking for Kiela I wish people would stop looking for her here? When you say everybody who do you mean? The sheriff. “

Then I got a tip that Kiela was living at this house in Jennings.

She wasn't home, but one of her family members stopped by to introduce himself.   

“They know me as New York, everybody knows me, so your New York Kiela's brother? Yeah.”  

New York told me Kiela was out of town.  

“Is she on vacation or on a job? She ain’t on no job right now.” 

Well she's certainly not on Mildred’s job. Tired of playing games I called kiela - at first I got her voicemail.  

“I talked to your brother New York we would like to talk to you about a job you were supposed to do for Mildred brewer.” 

Later that night Kiela called me back told me she was in Texas.

She was in training - learning how to give insurance estimates for roof damage following big storms

That would allow her to follow disasters to work with people when they're most vulnerable.

Doubt she will use Mildred as a reference.  

“I would like to see her pay me every penny back.” 

Mildred she needs a roof before the spring storm season.

She's out of money, and at this point doesn't think Kiela's coming back.

Neither does her daughter.   

“I feel this is a con, it's been a con since the beginning.” 

Kiela told me she has up to a year to put Mildred’s roof on, and things got bad when some of her customers didn't pay her.

That excuse doesn't help Mildred.

Because she's blind she only leaves the house once a week for mass, where she will be praying for a solution, maybe one of our viewers can answer her prayer. 

Chris Nagus, News 4. 

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