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A comfortable feeling Wainwright wonders when Idol airs

(BaseballStL) -- Who would have thought that the Cardinals would have won the World Series minus Adam Wainwright?  Not many.  And luckily for fans, Wainwright is feeling comfortable in his return from elbow surgery.

“When I go home at night, I am not thinking about icing or anything like that.  I’m wondering what time American Idol is coming on,” Wainwright joked.

Wainwright could have used a lot of the time off from surgery to catch up on his favorite shows last year, but this year his mindset is on the Cardinals repeating as champions with him on the field rather than in the dugout as a cheerleader.

“I feel comfortable on the mound,” Wainwright said.  “Delivery feels good, body feels strong in the right spots now...nothing to complain about.”

A blessing in disguise may have been the timing of when Wainwright went down with the elbow injury.  The injury occurred early enough in spring training last year that he will not have to miss any time to start this season because of it.

“I feel really good throwing to a batter,” Wainwright said.  “I feel confident.  I feel strong.  Delivery feels compact.  Everything is going in the right direction so it doesn’t feel like I have missed a year.”

Wainwright is 39-19 in 67 starts during his previous two seasons pitched.  He also pitched at least 230 innings in each of those seasons but might see his innings pitched lower a little as a result from the surgery.

-Scott Bierman, BaseballStL


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