Motte says he got goosebumps during game 7 -

Motte says he got goosebumps during game 7

(BaseballStL) -- Doug Vaughn with News 4 Sports spoke with Jason Motte on Monday about his world series memories. 
If you remember, Motte gave up the 10th inning homerun to Josh Hamilton in game 6, allowing the Rangers to take a 2-run lead.  Motte said as the ball left the park he was thinking "Wow, I just lost the world series for us." Nobody was happier to see the Cardinals come back in the bottom of the 10th to tie it, and then win the game in the 11th to force game 7. 
As game 6 was ending, Motte recalls Adam Wainwright walking over to him and patting him on the shoulder and saying, "You better forget about what happened tonight. We're going to need you tomorrow night to close out game 7." 
That's exactly what happened, with Motte closing out the Rangers to win the series.  Motte says he got goose bumps today just remembering the feeling he had as he walked out of the bullpen in for the 9th inning of game 7, headed to the mound, and heard the huge Busch Stadium crowd screaming louder than he'd ever heard them before. 
-Doug Vaughn, News 4 Sports at Spring Training

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