Mother may be charged after daughter attempts to poison her with bleach -

Mother may be charged after daughter attempts to poison her with bleach

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – A St. Louis County mother is afraid after he daughter allegedly tried to poison her with bleach but the mother may be facing charges after police reportedly botched the investigation.
Marcie Campbell adopted her daughter as an infant after she was put up for adoption because the baby’s mother was a crack addict.  She says her daughter’s behavior began to change when she was 7-years-old.
The daughter has been in counseling for years, but in January things went from bad to worse.  The daughter had spiked Campbell’s Mountain Dew soda with bleach.
“I can’t believe this little girl I have raised since day one is trying to harm me,” Campbell said.
She then called police who took the bottle for evidence but never logged it in, according to Campbell.
Campbell’s lawyer says the crime went from a felony assault to a misdemeanor without the evidence.  They wanted a more serious charge because it would have resulted in the daughter being places in a residential facility with onsite counseling until coming of age.  The misdemeanor charge resulted in only a six-month stay at the facility.
The mother could be charged with endangering the child after she refused to let her come back in the house after the alleged incident.
Campbell tells News 4 that she loves her daughter and she only wants help for her daughter. 

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