Thieves target gas tanks in Eureka -

Thieves target gas tanks in Eureka

EUREKA, Mo. (KMOV) – Thieves are finding a new way to steal gas from cars by drilling into gas tanks in Eureka.

The repairs to the gas tank can top $1,000 for only a few moments of work done by the thieves.  The new form of stealing gas has spiked in several subdivisions near Eureka over the past couple of days.
Not only is the crime expensive to fix, but it also poses a serious safety risk when the owner of a vehicle tries to fuel.  A single spark or a drop of a lit cigarette can create a fire if dropped onto a puddle of spilled gasoline that may have gone unnoticed.
Police say pickups and SUVs are the main targets because the gas tanks are high and easier to reach.  Police urge owners to park their vehicles in well-lit areas to reduce the crime.

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