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Dissastified customers out thousands dealing with motorcycle dealer

(News 4 Investigates) -- A Wood River man paid $26,000 for a motorcycle he never received.

The dealer cashed the check, went out of business, then the president of that business got elected to the village council.
You might consider Mike Limberg one of the most dissatisfied customers in the history of dissatisfied customers.  “He took my check said he would get right on it … I want my money back or I will sue you this is bull” Limberg told us.
He went to Victory Lane, a motorcycle dealer in Swansea Illinois, in October 2010.
He wrote a check for nearly $26,000 for a new motorcycle.
He thought he would have it within a couple weeks, but he was wrong.
The dealer went out of business and left him holding the bag.  
Another man, Charlie Batterton, has his own Victory Lane nightmare to tell.
He says he traded in his old bike for a new one about the same time Limberg ran into trouble.
Batterton says the dealer made a promise that they were going to pay off the money he owed on the motorcycle he traded in.
Batterton started getting calls from the bank asking him to pay up on his old bike, the one he thought Victory Lane was paying off as part of the new deal.
After the business closed he went with a police escort to get his old bike back and sold it for a loss.
Batterton says he was dealing with the guy in charge.
He told News 4 “David Freed did the deal with me, sat down and did all the paperwork … after they shut the doors he runs for city council, he wins”.
News 4 tried catching up with Freed at the Swansea Village hall where he is on the trustee board.
But he wasn't at the meeting we attended.
News 4’s Chris Nagus tried to reach Freed at home and eventually reached him via email.
Freed said "Victory Lane and Mr. Limberg were caught in a set of unfortunate circumstances" and that the “business affairs are being handled by lawyers, and he wasn't authorized to comment any further."
The St. Clair County Illinois States attorney’s office confirms they have an ongoing investigation.
As for Batterton, he dropped his suit because he doesn't have the money to fight it out in court.

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