Free kids ID event happening Saturday in South County -

Free kids ID event happening Saturday in South County

(KMOV) -- God forbid your child ever goes missing, but there's an event this weekend you may want to... a kind of free insurance of sorts in case that ever happens.

There's a child ID day put on by the Missouri Child ID and Protection Program (MoCHIP) happening at Ronnie's 20 Cinema at 5320 South Lindbergh from noon to 5pm Saturday.

"We don't keep any information," MoCHIP State Coordinator Nick Cichielo told me. "We tell the parents keep this envelope in a safe place and in case of emergency just hand it over to the police."

In the envelope is a CD with a digital photo and finger prints of the child with all sorts of information the parents put on a form.  The kids also have a tooth impression made that keeps there DNA as well.

Cichielo says MoCHIP has ID'd about 140,000 kids in six years and they know of at least eight cases where the ID kit has helped police return a kid to their parent after they went missing.

"Every parent says it will not happen it will not happen to me," says Cichielo.  "We've seen this since the program began six years ago. But we've seen, especially in Missouri , it could happen in a big city, it could happen in a small town. "

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Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.



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