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Police investigate motel attack in Fenton

(KMOV) -- A woman says she fought off an attacker at a local motel.  St. Louis County police are still looking for the assailant whom the victim says tried to sexually assault her.

The victim told me she felt safe at the Motel 6 in Fenton because it's a busy area. She says she was walking to the vending machine for a late-night snack when a man attacked her.
"Somebody grabbed me from behind by my hair, pushed me up against the wall, and put his hand over my mouth," the victim said.
The 29-year-old woman describes a harrowing night at the motel on Sunday night into early Monday morning.  Her attacker is on the run, so we're concealing her identity. 
"He punched me in my right eye and in my mouth right here," she said.  "He tore my shirt and pants."
Police took pictures of her injuries and kept her torn clothes as evidence.  The victim wants the assailant caught before he can hurt someone else.  She describes him as a white man about 5'10, skinny with shaved hair and a moustache.  She says he had bad teeth and was wearing pajama pants when she broke free from his attack.
"I bit him in the hand when he had his hand over my mouth and kicked him between the legs," she said.  "He went down, and I just took off running."
I asked the motel about surveillance video but the complex is not monitored.  The clerk gave me a 24-hour press line to call, but so far no one has returned my call.  
Police are continuing to investigate and say this appears to be an isolated incident.
"It's horrible, like somebody is watching you," the victim said.  "I just want him caught."

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