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Teen charged for robbing undercover officer at gunpoint

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KMOV) -- Multiple charges have been filed against a 19-year-old man who robbed an undercover officer posing as a criminal on January 25.

Terrance Norman, who was the target of an undercover operation to buy illegal items, has been charged with robbery, armed criminal action and tampering with a witness.

Police say they were only interested in Norman for what was supposed to be the purchase of the illegal items, but plans changed when the suspect pulled out a gun on the officer.

"The important thing to consider is in Mr. Norman's eyes, at least he didn't understand he was robbing an undercover officer, he thought he was robbing another criminal.  So he was motivated by the opportunity that presented itself and acted accordingly," Lieutenant David Senter said.

Norman was able to get away after stealing cash from the undercover officer, but he later turned himself in due to heavy pressure.  He had made severe threats to someone who then notified the authorities.

Police are currently searching for two others who went with Norman to the intitial undercover incident.  Police are unsure if they are witnesses or suspects, but believe Norman knows where they are and is not cooperating.

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