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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

Have you seen this new show? It’s a documentary style show that debuted last week. It profiles men and woman of all ages who are obsessed with the end of the world.  I mean, consumed to the point that they spend all of their spare time and money to hoard, train and plan for the very worst. They all have different ideas of how the earth as we know it will end. Volcanic eruptions, oil shortages, earthquakes, a complete economic meltdown…

Last night, they featured a Christian family in North Carolina who were preparing for a financial meltdown. This man and his family dedicate their lives to collecting a ton of food, water, guns, and ammunition. The amount of guns he has is insane. His wife even keeps one in a hidden pouch in her lounge chair.

My husband and I really enjoy this show and it sparks some pretty interesting “what if” conversations. Like should we have a place to go if something bad like a terrorist attack does happen? Do we need to stock up on what I like to call our “hunker down food?”

But my concerns are not nearly as extreme as the concerns of these doomsday preppers. I think everyone should have emergency items like extra food and water, a generator, and a safe place in case of a major storm.  But to dedicate your entire life to preparing for the end of the world? It may sound smart to some people who are afraid of where our country is headed, but do you really think we were put on earth with the sole purpose of trying to survive the worst of times?

I’m not saying I don’t have concerns. I will admit I see what’s happening in Isreal, Iran and Syria and question whether we are seeing the beginning of the war described in the Book of Revelation.

But I don’t think God put us here to live in a constant state of fear. We are here for a purpose but that’s not it. As I told one of my co hosts the other day, my greatest fear is that all “my peeps” won’t end up in the same place when the end does happen. That’s my new focus.

Now if God talks to me like he did Noah and tells me to get ready for the big one because He needs me to complete a mission..then you might find me with a new hobby. Until then, I think I will just keep my focus on the people in my life and making sure we all agree on our meeting place and how to get there.


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