DIY Terrarium -

DIY Terrarium


Activated Charcoal
Succulent/cactus soil
Variety of miniature succulent plants


1. Choose container. Could be any variety of things found in your cabinet or around the home. Apothecary jars or glass vases work great for terrariums but remember to leave the lid off at all times. Succulents do not respond well to too much water. Make sure it is deep enough for your layers of materials and plants.

2. Add thin layer of pebbles to the bottom of container for drainage.

3. Place a layer of activated charcoal on top of the pebbles. It will help with filtration. Can be found in garden centers or in the aquarium aisle at the pet store.

4. Add a layer of succulent soil to the activated charcoal layer.

5. Place succulents in terrarium or container to determine best arrangement. Remove each plant from it's pot, loosen the root ball slightly and insert the plant in the soil.

6. Finish with mood moss, rocks, shells, sand or miniatures to create your landscape. (For kids, tiny dinosaurs or create a fairy garden)

7. Add water to lightly moisten the soil.

8. Place in well-lit location.

9. Monitor your succulents moisture level over time, add water when necessary and enjoy!

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