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A Healthy Perron Makes a Hot Perron

(KMOV) -- Just when the Blues needed someone to get hot, he stepped up, and by all accounts, this could be the beginning of a late breakout season for David Perron.   


Despite battling a bit of a flu bug lately, Perron surfaced maybe the best week of his career.  The 23-year-old led the NHL with six goals and was ‘plus five’ in just four games.   A few of his recent goals have come because of his aggressiveness near the net.  The great and bad thing about hockey is if you’re disruptive near the goal you can score plenty, and for the Blues it’s a good thing Perron is perfecting the art of becoming a pest.  

But David Perron is far, far, far more talented than someone who stands near the net and puts in rebounds.  He’s incredibly talented and now that he’s healthy, Perron is reassuring everyone he was worth being selected 26th overall by the Blues in 2007.  Keep in mind Perron is still battling back from a concussion which kept him out for 13 months.  I asked him if he believes he’s playing the best hockey of his career right now, and he said he can improve and the best is still to come. 

Perron’s hot-hot streak won’t last; it’s inevitable the pucks will stop bouncing his way, but for now the Blues will take all the offense they can get, especially as they wait for Alex Steen to return from ironically, a concussion. 

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