Student Brings Gun to School -

Student Brings Gun to School

For the second time this month a high school student brings a hand gun to school. Today's incident happened at Riverview Gardens High School after a parent tipped school officials off.

Earlier this month a student in the Hazelwood School District brought a gun to school.

The parent called leaders this morning at 7:30, moments after school started. Automatically the high school was placed on lockdown as security personnel searched the property. Eventually the gun was found in a boys backpack a little after 8:30. The student was taken to the office, suspended for 10 days and then carted off by police.

Late this afternoon he was dropped off in Clayton at the Juvenile Detention Center. I'm told he faces two charges, one of which is a felony.

Students and parents I spoke with today tell me that they are not really shocked by the development today. A grandmother told me there are much bigger issues going on in her community than a gun at school.


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