Ganz says Daniel wrong on dirty play comment -

Ganz says Daniel wrong on dirty play comment

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- Joe says it ain't so.

Nebraska quarterback Joe Ganz takes exception to the comment by Missouri counterpart Chase Daniel that the Cornhuskers are the dirtiest team he ever played. Daniel made the accusion after Missouri's last week.

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Daniel said a Nebraska player spit on him before the game. Daniel didn't name the player.

"I didn't see anything dirty. I didn't hear anything about spitting," Ganz said Tuesday. "I've watched the game, too. I didn't see any dirty play."

The Huskers' Zach Potter drew a personal foul for making helmet-to-helmet contact with Daniel right after Daniel threw a pass. Otherwise, Daniel went mostly untouched in the game.

"The kid gets hit maybe three times in the game and he thinks it's dirty? I don't know. I don't really agree with it," Ganz said.

"He said we were the dirtiest team he ever played. I don't believe it. I go against these guys every day and they're not dirty. We don't put any merit into what happened."

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